Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh the Peonies!

On top of the list for June's many virtues, has to be the peony.  My love for them grows every year.
The gardens here at the inn have somehow managed to accumulate nine different varieties, some of which I know and some remain a mystery.  They range from fuchsia pink to white, last for ages in a vase, smell divine, and the plant looks great in the garden till frost  What more could you ask.  Don't forget this June to stop and smell the peonies.

Had a brief getaway myself this week.  A friend and I had a night in Ottawa.  When you live in the country, you go to the city for your break but I had to laugh at our choices.  We ate lunch sitting on a rock looking out over the Ottawa river.  We stopped our tour of Rockcliffe Park when I saw what looked like a path into the bush.  Sure enough it was a lovely walk through what appeared to be a very old estate which was mostly given back to nature.  We also left the city early so we could take a scenic route home through the country.
So much for the city break. 

What I wanted to mention was the noise.  It was so loud in Ottawa with traffic, construction and industrial sized lawn mowers that I couldn't wait to get away.  Apart from our lovely drinks and dinner at Zoe's in the Chateau Laurier it really was an assault to the senses. So take a break folks and come up for some peace and quiet - and while you are here you can smell the peonies.